Julio Carrasco’s Interview

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Julio Carrasco. Muralist, collective artistic manager, president of SOMAAP and CISAC in the 90's and 2000.
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Characters and dear friends like Melva and Abel have taken it upon themselves, with the work and specificity of each one, to nurture the cultural panorama of the Mexican Southeast; and I said Southeast, not only Merida, not only Yucatan.

Melva and Abel know the world of Art. It is not an attitude of dedicating oneself to art without knowing art deeply, the life of an artist, the needs of an artist, pondering the content of a work, and doing it with the responsibility they have been doing, I am impressed, with the professionalism they have been doing!

Not all the galleries nor the people who are dedicated to handling art, to selling it or placing it, to exchanging it, have that professionalism, and that is a guarantee, because that allows people who are hungry for art to know that what is exhibited in a gallery of that nature has content, has strength and has a lasting value in several senses.

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