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Nahualli, has been built through time with the chance and the flow of the daily comings and goings of a family. Our continuous goal is “to be creative under all circumstances”.

Resident Artist

He is a masterful painter whose natural gift for color is especially evident in his work with acrylics and watercolors. He has experimented with prints, drawing and photography with interesting results. His vision is universal and contemporary, depicting everyday themes that highlight his interes…

Resident Artist

Her work speaks about a symbolism where the woman has the leading role. Immersed in a surreal world, she plays with erotic symbols. Nourishing its theme with a mix between her Mexica roots, and her close relationship with mother earth. She takes seduction, and the spiritual power of the feminine …

Resident Artist

Self-taught artist, born in Mexico City, whom has developed from an early age. She has ventured into various techniques of drawing, painting and engraving. Her intervention painting wooden furniture stands out, as well as her performance in linoleum engraving and her amate prints. Her research o…

Invited Artist

He graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Oaxaca, UABJO as a Bachelor of Plastic and Visual Arts with a specialty in Graphics. In 2009, he made an academic exchange at the National School of Plastic Arts, ENAP-UNAM. In 2018, he was the guest Artist to the prestigious Festival “Engraving Zealan…

Invited Artist

Edison Blas is a painter from Oaxaca with a multidisciplinary artistic background. He is a graduate of Graphic Design at the Instituto Superior de Aplicaciones Modernas. In his trajectory he has participated in several workshops and courses of great importance, which have of great importance, whi…

Resident Artist

Multifaceted artist born in Mexico City on September 20, 1994. She was formed in the plastic arts environment at a very early age. Her work in oil and acrylic stands out, as well as her intelligent use of charcoal and ink on paper. Her tattoo art, in her own studio, also stands out.

Invited Artist

Tabasco, México. His production is developed through painting, drawing and graphics. He explores concepts such as heterotopia, decontextualization and nature to generate reflections on the surreal landscape, the being and the ethereal to develop new visual aesthetics.


Nahualli” is a word of the pre-Hispanic Mexico, which means the hidden, the occult, and the deep inner.

Our house was born and restored in 2005, and its majestic character has given a worthy space to each one of our artworks, giving us the possibility to open the doors to the public and share our creations. At this place you can enjoy our art collection in a relaxed way, in the warmth that our home offers.

Over time, Nahualli has been involved in countless events at the city, and has managed to position itself as one of the most important cultural centers of Merida.

In its interior space, as well as on its terrace, artists from multiple disciplines has been seen. The gallery hosts events of theater, performances, music, dance, film and video, literature, as well as gastronomy and enology. On the other hand, Nahualli participates in art fairs and extramural events in other venues and museums.

Our works are exported and collected all over the world. That’s because here; our customers can acquire original pieces, with the guarantee of establishing a direct relationship with the authors, having a personalized certification of each piece acquired.


We are Nahualli, we are family, we are quality and exclusivity; We are “MADE IN MEXICO”.
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