Cinema Nahualli

    For Over 17 Years, Nahualli Gallery has promoted art in its different forms, such as painting, engraving, sculpture, music, performance and cinema, being

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Artistic foundry; “Lost Wax”

The way to make a sculpture, technically speaking, is usually very complicated. The energy that moves among everyone and the dedication with which this work is carried out, makes us obtain wonderful sculptures

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Edison Blas in Nahualli Gallery

In a work close to a ritual; the artist shows us his inner complexity in a blurred tone, displaying a passionate and deep human being who kaleidoscopically portrays himself in different facets, reflecting wounds and fragments of his world in a congruent mass of expressive and almost caustic ideas.

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Urban nostalgia: Nahualli Creative Marathon 2020

In the squares there is an emptiness of artisans selling their products and the emptiness allows to feel a dense atmosphere full of fear to explore the environment. The benches miss the sweat of all the loves prostrated in the countless kisses they have witnessed.

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