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This month, we dedicate the pages of our blog to two of the Honorable Mentions of the Nahualli Creative Marathon, corresponding to the “Emerging” category: Megane Pibolleau and Tóxico Moreno
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The Nahualli Creative Marathon drawing contest, held in the midst of the pandemic, at the end of April this year, became the starting point for many artists who are fond of drawing, as well as a new showcase for emerging and professional artists. And in this case, an inspiring couple.

Also, with great talents and outstanding work, the winners and honorable mentions were also chosen for giving us a look at the depths of their art and for their dedication in creating fifteen works throughout the Creative Marathon.

Thus, this month, we dedicate the pages of our blog to two of the Honorable Mentions of the Nahualli Creative Marathon, corresponding to the “Emerging” category: Megane Pibolleau and Tóxico Moreno, who besides being artists with promising careers, once our Marathon was over, we discovered that they have a relationship as a couple, where their love for art has become its main axis, and for which chance came to unite them casually among our outstanding artists.

The artists

Megane Pibolleau, Honorable Mention Creative Marathon 2020, Category: Emerging

26-year-old emerging artist, of French nationality and currently based in the city of Mérida, Yucatán.

Her artistic training took place at the Public University of Nimes, France, from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Applied to Design. Sh has exhibited on multiple occasions in France and Mexico; she belongs to a collage collective, designs jewelry, and is also a graphic designer and illustrator.

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The artist has created drawing projects, such as “CARNE MOLIDA”, for which she made more than fifty illustrations, in a series that aims to be the translation of a remnant of memory and graphic interpretation of her dreams. The production of this project is constant, as the artist continues to draw, following the same theme in order to appreciate the evolution of her interpretation.

“For this series and for all the others I chose to work with the black line, since I work intuitively, this allows me greater freedom in applying automatic or instinctive drawing. I think that with a black pen my hand is freer.” – Megane Pibolleau



Participation in the collective exhibition of the art schools of Nimes, production of a series of 5 fanzines “Go to hell” (collage, illustrations,

photos), Galerie Le Spot, Nimes, France


Participation in the installation “Procesos” with the textile artist Agueda León, the artist Alejandro Gamboa and the dancer Agata Fuku. Installation of bamboo and fabric. Galería Mérida, Mérida Yucatán


Exhibition of the project “Carne Molida”, a series of 50 drawings. Hotel Galería H036 in Lyon, France


Exhibition of “Carne Molida”, series of 15 drawings, PROSE ephemeral Gallery, Lyon, France

Tóxico Moreno, Honorable Mention Creative Marathon 2020, Category: Emerging

Mexican, traveler, photographer, and visual artist.

Hugo Tomás Moreno Vilchiz studied for a degree in Plastic Arts at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. He has participated in exhibitions since issue no. 14 of the Annual Hall of the Faculty of Arts of the UAE Mex, even as an exhibitor at the University Art Fair, held in Mérida, Yucatán in 2016.


Currently, Tóxico Moreno – his nickname – is the owner, collaborator, and creator of the firm “nowmadas CT toxic collares”, where he makes artisanal production.


Participation in the edition number 14 and 15 of the Annual Hall of the Faculty of

arts of the UAE Mex


Participation in the commemoration of the CCL anniversary of the NATIONAL ILLUSTRATOR in Sultepec Estado de México


Collective exhibition at the numismatic museum in Toluca, State of Mexico


Exhibitor at the 2nd University Art Fair held in Mérida, Yucatán

Full of gratitude to all those who participated in this year’s edition of our Creative Marathon, we want to invite you to closely follow everything that follows – and will continue – happening around this, one of our most important annual events, in the remainder of this year.


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