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For Over 17 Years, Nahualli Gallery has promoted art in its different forms, such as painting, engraving, sculpture, music, performance and cinema, being one of the most important places for culture in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Cinema Nahualli is the annual film program to showcase the most talented film makers of the world in the city of Merida.

On January 2023 Nahualli hosted screenings, workshops, talks and concerts to celebrate film making and audiovisual creation.





About Nahualli Gallery:

Nahualli is an author gallery created by Melva Medina and Abel Vázquez, both graduated from the National School of Sculpture, Painting and Engraving “La Esmeralda” in Mexico City, which was created by the great artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. At Nahualli you will always find a cultural event involving engraving, painting, music, performance or cinema.

With events such as the Drawing Workshop imparted by Abel Vázquez or the Club Cinema at the roof top, invited artists, conservatoriums or even fashion shows, Nahualli is always open to young artists to share their creativity and connect to the international audience that lives in Merida.









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