Artistic foundry; “Lost Wax”

The way to make a sculpture, technically speaking, is usually very complicated. The energy that moves among everyone and the dedication with which this work is carried out, makes us obtain wonderful sculptures

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Edison Blas in Nahualli Gallery

In a work close to a ritual; the artist shows us his inner complexity in a blurred tone, displaying a passionate and deep human being who kaleidoscopically portrays himself in different facets, reflecting wounds and fragments of his world in a congruent mass of expressive and almost caustic ideas.

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Alma Citlalli; eternal creative child.

Alma Citlalli was born in a cradle of crazy people, two parents dedicated to art and a very special sister who loves the strange, a born researcher, introspective and fond of history and culture.

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Graphic adventure of Abel Vázquez on LP discs.

Abel Vázquez, during the 90’s, waiting for the arrival of his little daughter and living the first years of his first daughter, finds in the acetates of LP discs, ideal matrices for the production of pieces of graphic work in the technique of the gravure and its subsequent printing using the experience of roll up.

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Time of no time

“There is no time to destroy or not destroy, it is about making a dialogue, why waiting for time? Just do it, time does not exist”.

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The true art of watercolor

A great number of artists have explored the aesthetic possibilities of watercolor, in addition to its versatile interaction with other artistic techniques such as engraving, photography and sculpture.

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The sacred land of Abel Vazquez

Abel is a curious man, like an unstoppable child in the creation of ideas and worlds full of mystical stories. The language in his works is everyday, naive and explosively colorful, highlighting his interest in the land and its spirit.

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