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Perhaps the closeness with his teacher Shinzaburo Takeda has left a seed planted in his creations, which Iván transcends and takes to a language of his own.
The way to make a sculpture, technically speaking, is usually very complicated. The energy that moves among everyone and the dedication with which this work is carried out, makes us obtain wonderful sculptures
In a work close to a ritual; the artist shows us his inner complexity in a blurred tone, displaying a passionate and deep human being who kaleidoscopically portrays himself in different facets, reflecting wounds and fragments of his world in a congruent mass of expressive and almost caustic ideas.
As you walk through the exhibition, the artist presents a vast selection of pieces influenced by the fertile southeast, where he has found inspiration for the past 16 years.
Today, to visit Micaela, Mar y Leña is to lose oneself in very special flavors, while mystical beings born from the imagination of one of the most important artists of today, return one’s gaze from the wall.
This month, we dedicate the pages of our blog to two of the Honorable Mentions of the Nahualli Creative Marathon, corresponding to the “Emerging” category: Megane Pibolleau and Tóxico Moreno
With a refined and dramatic style in his strokes, Antony has taken multiple workshops on engraving, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and action art, with outstanding teachers from the country.
In the squares there is an emptiness of artisans selling their products and the emptiness allows to feel a dense atmosphere full of fear to explore the environment. The benches miss the sweat of all the loves prostrated in the countless kisses they have witnessed.
Alma Citlalli was born in a cradle of crazy people, two parents dedicated to art and a very special sister who loves the strange, a born researcher, introspective and fond of history and culture.

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