Graphic adventure of Abel Vázquez on LP discs.

Abel Vázquez, during the 90’s, waiting for the arrival of his little daughter and living the first years of his first daughter, finds in the acetates of LP discs, ideal matrices for the production of pieces of graphic work in the technique of the gravure and its subsequent printing using the experience of roll up.

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A life full of dreams, magic and art

In those times, during the 80s, the experience was very enriching, we could have contact with a great diversity of audiences. Some visited us as a mere pretext for a family stroll, which served for recreation, combined with dog walking and children who took advantage of the use of “slides” and “up-and-down”.

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Time of no time

“There is no time to destroy or not destroy, it is about making a dialogue, why waiting for time? Just do it, time does not exist”.

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Mestiza’s Figure

The word “mestiza” (half-blood/ half-breed/ mixed-race, used for women) represents, for Yucatan’s culture an emblem of motherhood, home, protection, wisdom and history. It is, for many, the representation of indigenous, strong and hard worker woman whose embroideries are worn by many citizens

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The true art of watercolor

A great number of artists have explored the aesthetic possibilities of watercolor, in addition to its versatile interaction with other artistic techniques such as engraving, photography and sculpture.

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The sacred land of Abel Vazquez

Abel is a curious man, like an unstoppable child in the creation of ideas and worlds full of mystical stories. The language in his works is everyday, naive and explosively colorful, highlighting his interest in the land and its spirit.

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CUKA Fashion Show & Art Exhibition

As a joint production exercise, the group of fashion designers: Aura Meztli, Elizabeth Baqueiro and Abigail Comoto, decided to make their collection in collaboration with printmakers from Oaxaca, who intervened the fabrics with graphic motifs, for subsequent use in the manufacture of garments.

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From the plate to the mouth; the art is evoked.

In 2011, Nahualli organized a beautiful event, opening the doors to a distinguished group of Cuban artist. The exhibition consisted of wonderful paintings, drawings and sculptures, as well as sample dishes made by each artist.

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Silence Preys

In 2016, Nahualli, comes out of it’s building to set off the first project of collaboration between Aura Meztli (fashion designer/artist) and Melva Medina (sculptress).

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