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Author: Abel Vázquez

Technique: Acrilyc and sands on canvas

Size: 60 x 80 cm

The themes of Abel’s paintings often take us beyond a physical description. The teacher takes his time observing and meditating on the events with which he lives.

The nuance of everyday life offers you a range of infinite possibilities, breaking down your reasons for representation. He enjoys living with people, especially working people. Fishermen, peasants, builders, mothers and women in general. The harvests, the fruits of the earth and their processes of sowing, breeding, fishing, are images that are recognized in their work.

This picture is the result of observing a school just before the fisherman casts his net. It recognizes how the quality of grouping that exists in a natural and harmonious way of the communities in nature is broken when the human being breaks in with his tool creating the momentary chaos to fulfill his mission.

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