Conoce a los Miembros del Jurado de Cinema Nahualli

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Meet the professionals that conform our Jury Team. Based on their expertise and experience, they are going to deliberate the winners of our first edition
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Jury Members Nora Leon SI

Cinema Nahualli is honored to introduce you to Nora León, one of our Jury Members of the International Selection.
She is a Rotoscoping artist and VFX Supervisor from Mexico.
When we talked to her about this collaboration, she shared with us the thoughts and feelings of being part in the First Edition of Cinema Nahualli.
She said that the opportunity of watching films from independent artists from around the world will be an inspiring process.
Nora works on the post production process mostly, it means she usually fixes and improves the image, so she believes this is not the most creative process.
For this reason, going through the revision of films and deliberate the winners, will be to her an inspiring breath between her days of VFX works.

Nora León
MX, 1991
VFX Artist / Post-Productora


Nora estudió Ingeniería en Tecnología Interactiva y Animación Digital (ITIAD) en la Universidad del Valle de México, obteniendo el título de la licenciatura en el año 2013.

Ha trabajado en el sector de los efectos visuales durante varios años, sobre todo para grandes éxitos de taquilla como Deadpool, Jumanji, Escuadrón Suicida, Godzilla: El rey de los monstruos, Podemos ser héroes y Mank. Su trabajo también se ha exhibido en una amplia gama de series en streaming, como House of Cards, Mindhunter, The Boys y, más recientemente, Mank. También ha tenido la oportunidad de trabajar en algunos proyectos comerciales y algunos proyectos desafiantes, como Los Minutos Negros, Narcos vs Zombies, Asura, y más recientemente, en Outer Range.

She has worked in the VFX industry for a few years now, mostly for major blockbuster films like Deadpool, Jumanji, Suicide Squad, Godzilla: The King of Monsters, We Can Be Heroes and Mank. Her work was also showcased on a wide range of streaming series, like House of Cards, Mindhunter, The Boys, and most recently, Mank. She also had the chance to work on some commercial projects and some challenging projects, like Los Minutos Negros, Narcos vs Zombies, Asura, and most recently, in Outer Range.

You can watch her work here:


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