Conoce a los Miembros del Jurado de Cinema Nahualli

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Meet the professionals that conform our International Jury Team. Based on their expertise and experience, their vision is key to deliberate our International Selection winners.
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Jury members C gutierrez SI

We are honored to introduce you to Christian Gutiérrez, peruvian born film maker and cultural manager, who is part of our Jury Members in the International Category.
Christian is founder of the Incontrastable Cineclub in the city of Huancayo, which operated for 5 years before becoming the Incontrastable Film Festival of The City of Huancayo.
this Festival is an initiative to decentralize the exhibition structure in Peru and offer better films to the local public. Christian has worked in cinema both as a creator and as exhibitor.

Talking with him, he told us:
In this opportunity as Jury Member I expect to find quite interesting works that will be transformed as they develop revealing a hidden message, this according to the idea as it refers to the Nahualli / Nahualli.
Since I was a child I have liked the seventh art, although it was only in college that I became interested in telling stories through image and sound. I began to take workshops on camera handling, lighting, script writing and short film making, starting to record my first projects with friends and family. Later, in partnership with other colleagues, we founded the Cine Club Incontrastable in the city of Huancayo in order to disseminate alternative cinema and promote a film culture. And it is with this objective that in 2021 we decided to carry out the I Incontrastable Film Festival in virtual mode, calling for independent film works at the national level. This year we have made the 2nd edition at the level of Latin America.

I believe that cinema in Latin America has grown differently in each region, however, in recent years it has diversified, telling its own stories according to its social context, thus acquiring a particular language and, above all, an identity. Technology has also collaborated in this, since it has become more accessible to people of all social strata, so that it is possible to make recordings in good image and sound quality with cell phones and also free licensed software for video editing with simple tutorials on the networks. This means that technology is not a limitation to tell a story, but rather contributes to it. Even now there are different platforms and social networks where these cinematographic works can be shared and disseminated.

You can get to know more about the Incontrastable project here:

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